What are the keys to real success in business, in love and in life? Grounded in hundreds of studies, and years of successful practice coaching more than a dozen billion dollar companies and their teams – Keren steps in to lure you to your greatness, with talks and workshops that follow her signature breakthrough methodology, and with infectious energy.

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Thomas Serrano

President and Founder, Havas Events North America

“Keren has done a tremendous job motivating and helping to transform my team at the agency (Havas Worldwide). Her dedication is relentless and she did deliver results beyond expectations.”

Doug Heddings

Executive Vice President – CORE

“Keren presented her “10 Superstar Principles to Elevate Success” in such a succinct, dynamic and impactful way that I still have agents commenting on how it has helped them with their daily lives both personally and professionally.”

Julia Tadion

IWC Schaffhausen

“Thank you so much! The sales team loved you, and it helped them bring important subjects to the table and find solutions which is exactly what we wanted.”


  • How To Master the Principles of High Performance and Multiply Your Productivity
  • Mind Your Mindset: How to Beat Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress For Good
  • Superstar Sales Skills: Strategies and Techniques to Help You Become a Better Salesperson & Negotiator


  • Talk 1: How to Master the Principles of High Performance and Multiply Your Productivity

    • Blindspotting: What’s the hidden thing holding back your ultimate success?
    • Make a decision: What’s the #1 secret to getting what you want?
    • My top writing exercise: How will you get your ultimate goal achieved…now?
    • Time management 101: What is the fastest and most efficient to increase your productivity by 20%?
    • Dealing with setbacks and delays: What to do when your cheese gets moved, and why it’s good for you.

    Workshop 1: Workshops: Set your Goal, Find Your Why; Tools: Time Management.

  • Talk 2: How to Beat Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress For Good

    • Why detox: What are the top 5 toxic thought patterns interrupting your personal and professional life, and how can you get rid of them for good?
    • Dropping insecurity: How to have real confidence, stop comparing yourself to others, embrace vulnerability, and adopt a mindset that turns obstacles into opportunities.
    • Lifehacking: How to drop doubt, and anxiety- and start rocking your life & career.

    Workshop 2: Workshops: Change Your Story, Vision Board; Tool: The Pause Principle, Gratitude.

  • Talk 3: Superstar Sales Skills: Negotiation Strategies and Techniques to Help You Become a Better Salesperson & Negotiator

    This high-impact keynote focuses on unraveling the idea that salesmanship has negative connotations, and laying the foundation for stratospheric sales in its lieu. Keren, a former sales and marketing leader at multiple billion dollar organizations, showcases how the best salespeople meet and even surpass the expectations of more sophisticated and demanding customers.

    This keynote can easily align with an existing sales methodology *(and include your company’s training guidelines), and demonstrates how an entirely new set of sales competencies are required to compete and win business in complex and competitive sales engagements. Keren explores the proven habits of today’s sales stars, challenges negativity surrounding industry shifts, and offers the audience practical ideas and tools that they can immediately leverage to drive business growth.

    During this 60-minute talk, followed by a Q&A, you will discover:

    • Your number ONE blindspot that has prevented you from sales success, and how to quickly detangle from it to produce success
    • Why SALES is not a bad word
    • How setting a challenging goal can prompt you to work harder than more modest goals
    • How to be prepared for the hardest questions – those you don’t want to answer
    • Ways to improve your hard-bargaining performance by joining a coalition, escalating as needed, and taking advantage of deadlines
    • How to create a circle of value by finding ways to satisfy as many shared and differing interests as possible
    • How to consciously practice your newfound sales skills and negotiation body language in the office (and at home)
    • How to defuse negotiation anxiety by reframing it as excitement and focusing on excellence, service and opportunities
    • Why what you do really matters, is a privilege, and should have you walking back to your job like you’re wearing a superhero cape


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