October 16, 2018

The Scientific Argument for Doing Good Deeds Every Day

Hey there, Superstars. It’s Tuesday morning, and I am writing this post at 11am. By now, I have been at my desk for three hours – and have already done three good deeds, by connecting people to each other for press and job opportunities, and by helping a friend with a very important reference. Every day, this doing of three good deeds is part of my morning routine – right up there with meditation, gratitude […]
October 26, 2018

Follow your Dreams: How Shai Tertner went from successful business owner to ACTUAL Olympic Champion

Superstars, This month, I am beaming with pride at seeing Shai Tertner – my great friend – on the cover of the November issue of Sidelines Magazine. Shai is a talented and driven person who has shown, in our time together, a lot more courage than that which it takes to wear these pants: See, Shai wasn’t born an equestrian champion. In fact, he grew up in Israel, where your best shot of even seeing […]