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Keren Eldad is the founder of With Enthusiasm Coaching, where she teaches people to reach ultimate productivity and high performance without losing compassion and service. An upcoming author of “The Superstar Paradox and renowned TEDx Speaker, Keren’s insights have been featured in THE HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW,, THE TODAY SHOW, BRAVO TV, OPRAH Magazine, GOOP, MEDIUM AND IN SEVERAL OTHER MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS.

As a world-renowned speaker, “Coach Keren” works with every new keynote and seminar client to create a customized version of each presentation.

Here are some of her most frequently requested baseline speaking programs:

Master the Principles of High Performance and Multiply Your Productivity

The number one reason people turn to coaching is overwhelm. How do you get things done, when life keeps coming at you? In this innovative and dynamic talk, Coach Keren Eldad teaches you the principles of success in productivity and how high performers always reach their goals – using fascinating anecdotes, heaps of research, and her signature humor.

During this 60-minute talk, followed by a Q&A, you will discover:

· The 10 Powerful Keys to high performance to create the impact you’ve always wanted

· How to Make Decisions that get superstar results

· The Difference Between “I Can’t” and “I Won’t” and how to Drop Your Excuses about why you can achieve

· My Favorite Exercise for Creating your ultimate action plan

· How to Hack Time Management, & Be 20% more Productive every day

· The Reason You Need to Connect with WHY you want what you want, and why you do what you do

Mind Your Mindset: How to Beat Workplace Overwhelm & Stress For Good

In today’s world, stress, anxiety and overwhelm are not only increasingly apparent, but create significant ramifications in the home and the workplace. It’s time for a detox. With this warm, confident talk – Certified Executive Coach and Crisis Counsellor Keren reveals the top five toxic thought patterns leading to distress, and how to disarm them…for good. With invaluable tips that can easily be incorporated into your social and business skills, you’ll benefit whether you’re at entry-level or already in the corner office.

During this 90-minute talk & workshop, you will discover:

· What the Most Common Stressors are in the Workplace today –and what you can do about them

· Where Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm REALLY come from –so that you can untangle from them for good and change your mindset

· How to Stop Caring What Anyone Else Thinks – to get control back of your own life and change absolutely any situation

· How to Overcome Your Self Doubt and Limiting Beliefs – and start rocking your amazing life with confidence and enthusiasm

· Why Embracing Productivity Principles will Set You Free – and allow you serve authentically, and form deeper, more meaningful connections at work with everyone

· How to Deal With Problems, Delays, Setbacks, and Obstacles – and turn them into the opportunity you’ve been waiting for

· What Keren’s Grandmother Can Teach you About Life and Service- in the short and long run

Sell with Enthusiasm

This high-impact keynote focuses on unraveling the idea that salesmanship has negative connotations and lays the foundation for stratospheric sales in its lieu. Coach Keren, a former sales and marketing leader at multiple billion-dollar organizations, showcases how the best salespeople meet and even surpass the expectations of more sophisticated and demanding customers.

This keynote can easily align with an existing sales methodology *(and include your company’s training guidelines), and also demonstrates how an entirely new set of sales competencies are required to compete and win business in complex and competitive sales engagements. Exploring the proven habits and hallmark traits of today’s sales stars, Keren challenges negativity surrounding sales, and offers the audience practical ideas and tools that they can immediately leverage to drive business growth.

During this 60-minute talk, followed by a Q&A, you will discover:

  • Why SALES is not a bad word.
  • How setting a challenging goal can prompt you to work harder than more modest goals
  • How to be prepared for the hardest questions – those you don’t want to answer
  • The best counter-intuitive ways to improve your hard-bargaining performance  – such as joining a coalition, escalating as needed, and taking advantage of deadlines.
  • What the Four Sales Archetypes are – and how you can sell to each.
  • How to create a Circle of Value by finding ways to satisfy as many shared and differing interests as possible
  • How to consciously practice your newfound Sales Skills and negotiation body language in the office (and at home)
  • How to defuse Negotiation Anxiety by reframing it as excitement and focusing on excellence, service and opportunities
  • Why what you do really matters, is a privilege, and should have you walking back to your job with enthusiasm
  • How selling from a place of service and compassion has the power to produce a proven difference of 350%
Signature Off-site: Lead with Enthusiasm

It’s time to get your team united and aligned. I can help.

I also offer a multi-day, full-stop mastermind series for teams seeking measurable improvement in self awareness, leadership, trust and communication.

During your Off-Site with my group mastermind program, Lead with Enthusiasm:

1. I can help you evaluate individuals on your team and assess your current adaptability rate.

2. We will explore the main dysfunctions plaguing modern teams, including lack of trust, lack of engagement, fear of speaking up – and more, allowing your team to assess itself against them, and leading them next towards dynamic, collaborative change.

3. We will all work together towards a simple goal: to help your people discover how to build a truly cohesive and effective team. Based on my signature coaching programs, this assessment-based program focuses on putting DISCTM model into practice.

4. A post-evaluation survey and debrief will be conducted three months after this series to assess improvement.

Inquire about this program today by scheduling a consultation here: 

Keren only accepts 24 Invitations to speak each year. Extend an invite here.

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