Side by Side Couple’s Coaching

By Coach Keren Eldad

Is your relationship off track? After years of coaching high-powered superstars, here’s what I’ve learned: if your love life doesn’t work, nothing works. All couples go through such periods, and unanticipated relationship challenges can emerge at any time. Couple’s coaching can help.

It’s normal: everyone behaves differently under stress and sometimes the person you thought you knew so well can surprise you and you can even surprise yourself. The tendency can be to ignore the issue, hope it goes away or just keep going – but if your level of trust has been shaken or your sense of contribution is obstructed, the relationship can sour further rather than rebound.

Couple’s coaching can help. Coaching can be of tremendous benefit to help align you’re your partner, to help lay a behavioral foundation that opens both your eyes to possible blindspots and to help explain why your communication is not working and will assist in reaching insights that can help partners work through difficult moments together. Work with me to build these important skills and create a foundation for the success of your partnership.

2-Month Series Includes:

  • – Side by Side Performance Profile
  • – 30-minute Intake Session: revealing what’s been holding you back, and mapping out our customized coaching plan.
  • – FIVE 90-minute, private coaching sessions with Coach Keren
  • – Video Modules, Audio Modules, & Worksheets
  • – Custom reading lists
  • – Unlimited personal access to Coach Keren via email between sessions