Coach Keren


    Get any of my signature coaching programs and with fun, step-by-step tools that have helped hundreds of people create their dream lives.

    “When it comes to choosing a coach or speaker, there are loads of contenders that talk a good game, but Keren - who actually was a C-suite executive herself - actually makes it happen.”

    – Kristina Buckley Kayel

    “World class coaching. Keren is capable of changing the mindset of teams and individuals to transform performance and engagement.”

    – Hooman Yazhari

    “I think this is the first time in my adult life that I have stopped to examine what I am doing, why I am doing it and whether it is really something that brings me happiness. I'm also learning to be kind to myself and to start appreciating what I have. The program has also reignited my love of learning... it is eye-opening.

    – Andin Fonyonga

    “Keren is an enthusiastic executive coach/speaker. Her energy is contagious even through a Zoom meeting! Our team members felt inspired after hearing her keynote "Change with Enthusiasm." Keren provided easy takeaways on how you can shift your mindset and adapt to change in a positive way. We're looking forward to working with her again!”

    - Rebecca Waits

    “Keren is a rock star. I can’t recommend her highly enough foryour company, for your YPO forum or for pushing yourself to ahigher level. She’s amazing.”

    – Brian Ladin

    “Keren is a powerful Coach and Speaker, with a unique talent for motivating teams and individuals to success. I have had the pleasure of working with Keren in many capacities and can personally attest to her professionalism, drive to help others succeed, and commitment to enabling greatness.”

    – Kelly Restagno

    “Our team loves Keren, and these talks help them bring important subjects to the table and find solutions - which is exactly what we want! She delivers – don’t hesitate to hire her, she never disappoints!”

    – Gaelle Devins

    “Keren brings the energy. She has spoken at our company TaskRay twice. Her ability to tailor her message to fit your company along with her one-of-a-kind delivery and attention to detail for her talks ensures that your team or audience will walk out with new knowledge, renewed vigor, and concrete steps to put her ideas into action. I can't recommend Keren highly enough for your next event.”

    - Jamie Cole

    “(With this seminar), we emerged more united and inspired than ever. Beyond strategies, concretely, I feel that the program has unlocked something really powerful in each of us and as a team. I am very enthusiastic to see the momentum picking up and the difference this will make for us.”

    – Yana Valletta