Private Coaching

By Coach Keren Eldad

Your chance to work with me one-on-one to create your dream life.

“I  have done a lot of motivation, inspirational, coaching, classes, books, etc. throughout my life… but Keren Eldad’s coaching program was pivotal in creating an atmosphere to propel me to my next level of living, thinking, & being my best version of myself. Honestly, it ends up being incredibly better than I  could ever  have imagined, thought or dreamed on my  own. With  Keren’s guidance, support, and tools you end up  incorporating them all easily that feel organic then… TA DA …   confidence, self-love, and an inner knowing that it is possible is born and blooms to conquer  it all with love and ease for whatever you want for yourself and life.”

– Shana Lundell, Plymouth, MA

“I did not know when this began what to really expect; when I started coaching, all I wanted was to gain more confidence for my job.  Instead, this has been life changing. ….I went from being saddled with self-doubt, fears, and a drive towards living with an obligation of what I thought others would think, to going fully for everything I truly wanted.  Within a short time of putting a vision board together, things began to fall into place.  We had a close friend (who was on the vision board) offer to be our surrogate.  We found our dream house – aka, the Keren house, and I also found my dream job via a career switch to business and real estate.  In the process, I also learned to forgive and to be grateful. I discovered myself.”

– Mark Ramos, Detroit, MI

“I’m proud to say that I’m an official living with enthusiasm graduate and superstar. Keren was instrumental in helping me adjust through a critical career and relocation transition. I only work with the best and she far exceeds expectations, and is now doing so with custom talks for my team. #imsold.”

– Gleidy Cese, MGM Las Vegas, NV

With Enthusiasm Career Success Coaching ™– The Program

With Enthusiasm Private Coaching ® is the accelerated coaching program for high performing superstars ready for real development, grooming and growth—and for breakthroughs in their careers, relationship, leaderships – and even love lives– at long last.

Program – Qualifications

  1. Must be in GROWTH mindset mode.
  2. Must demonstrate the ability, desire, focus, and courage to function at a Superstar Individuals selected for this program must be ready, willing and able to lever up their own contribution, and be ready to do what it takes to change their lives.

4 Month Program Details

With Enthusiasm Private Coaching ® offers you the opportunity to evaluate your own current state, blind-spots holding you back, and the chance to work one-on-one with Coach Keren to uniquely and strategically build the most effective, customized and streamlined ways for you to hone in on what matters most, work less on what doesn’t, and live your best possible life. By walking you through the simple fundamental principles of success, we will transform areas of stagnation and conflict– for good.

  • Custom Performance Profile (Assessments include: SCARF, TriMetrix)
  • 30 minute Intake Session: revealing what’s been holding you back, and mapping out our individual, customized coaching plan.
  • 10 full-hour, in-person private coaching sessions with Coach Keren
  • 10+ Video Modules, 20+ Audio Modules, & 20+ worksheets
  • Custom reading lists
  • Unlimited personal access to Coach Keren via email between sessions