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Family to British Royals, daughter to Ambassador of Israel, and former soldier of the Israel Defense Forces, Keren Eldad accompanies all things glitz, glamour, dignity, and confidence. And who better to coach a superstar than a superstar herself? Eldad is successful businesswoman with a varied career, including positions as the publisher of Surface magazine, a partner in Supper Club, an exclusive members-only social club, and the founder of her own marketing agency, Digiluxe. Eldad is now a motivational speaker and executive coach offering personal, professional and corporate coaching, all under the With Enthusiasm umbrella. And as anyone who has ever been in the same room as Eldad can attest, enthusiasm is something she has in spades. Beginning with personal coaching, Eldad launched Live With Enthusiasm, a seven- or 10-week program either as private in-person coaching sessions with an innovative virtual training program, or as a fully online coaching series. A corporate coaching program quickly followed, and launching next week is a love coaching program – Date With Enthusiasm. Elite Traveler recently sat with Eldad for a sushi lunch in New York to discuss her career, her professional outlook and why everyone (yes, even you) can benefit from coaching.

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