Hey Superstar. Can YOU BELIEVE  we’re only 6 weeks away from the end of the year!? OY VEY. That went fast, right?

For most of us, it seems that 2018 has been filled with extraordinary growth, and some extraordinary challenges. If this year has been tough on you and those you love, I understand. In my volunteer work as a Crisis Counselor with Crisis Text Line – the political environment in the USA has prompted the creation of a category named “2016 Election Results,” just one piece to share with you the evident anxiety caused by these times. 

But despite the political ambience, and the onset of holiday/depression season–  this is also the most productive time of the year, or at least – it CAN be. Personally, I use the last push of the year to see how far I can REALLY go, and I recommend with all my heart that you do not take your foot off the gas now, either. I know you can do this! There is still time. 

This is all to say: you’re so much stronger than you realize, my Superstar friend. For you, I have created this LAST PUSH video – to help you blast past your sales goals, but it is also applicable to ANY goal you have remaining. Watch this, and be encouraged: 

Keren Eldad

Keren Eldad is the founder of With Enthusiasm ™ coaching, a motivational speaker, a crisis counselor and an award winning marketing expert. She has appeared on TV, Radio, and Podcasts, and has been featured in numerous articles, including on Bravo, Cosmopolitan, and The Huffington Post, and is the author of the upcoming book: “All Your Problems Solved Forever.” Keren’s passion is to travel the globe helping people reach their highest potential, and sharing insights and support thinking that bucks any degree of anxiety, and slingshots the audience into lasting happiness and fulfillment.

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