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Keren Eldad
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Lead With Enthusiasm®

Lead With Enthusiasm ® is my signature Executive Coaching Program for superstars – based on the very same program I have used in Corner Office Coaching and Mastermind sessions with billion dollar companies such as IWC, Van Cleef & Arpels, Core Realty and the YPO Forum. In a nutshell: sign up to shoot your success through the roof.

Your greatest asset is not your product, and it is not your client database. It’s YOUR MINDSET – and it requires development. This is not the norm in enterprises, who mostly focus on the practicalities – but we can change it. If your aim is to build a high-performing mindset, a successful business, and a great team, we will start by getting you happy, then inquiring where your growth opportunities are, and then walk you through the simple and thorough fundamental principles of success to transform areas of stagnation and conflict – resolving them for good.

For me, this is personal. I have been a luxury marketer for the last 15+ years, and continue to consult on marketing strategy for luxury brands – from Van Cleef & Arpels to IWC. I believe that a purpose-driven career elevates the soul. It is the stuff of dreams. With a solid strategy to get you to reconnect with yourself, I know that your career, your business, and your team will soar.


Here’s what we will achieve:

  • INSPIRE ENGAGEMENT: Inspire your team, attract and retain talent, promote leadership and engagement. This works leaves you with players who apply extra discretionary effort to their work.
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Understand and embody the psychology of success / elevate your team’s productivity by 20%+ each day, each week, month and year using my signature exercises & templates.
  • IMPROVE SALES RESULTS: Achieve a less stressful corporate culture of resilience, encourage true collaboration, and manifest higher sales revenue. FAST.

DIY Online Program:

Receive 7 downloadable videos, 7 MP3 audio files, and 7 actionable worksheets that walk you through an easy and transformative 7-week process that will support you, give you tools, and get you to your goals.

Included: Special Coach Keren bonus audios, meditation and reading list – guaranteed to maximize the impact of the program.


  • Weekly Program

About Instructor

  • Keren Eldad

    Keren Eldad is the founder of With Enthusiasm ™ coaching, a motivational speaker, a crisis counselor and an award winning marketing expert. She has appeared on TV, Radio, and Podcasts, and has been featured in numerous articles, including on Bravo, Cosmopolitan, and The Huffington Post, and is the author of the upcoming book: “All Your Problems Solved Forever.” Keren’s passion is to travel the globe helping people reach their highest potential, and sharing insights and support thinking that bucks any degree of anxiety, and slingshots the audience into lasting happiness and fulfillment.