Corner Office Superstar Coaching ®

By Coach Keren Eldad

Join the training program that's grooming world class top performers all over the globe.

“When it comes to choosing a coach, there are loads of contenders that talk a good game, but Keren actually makes it happen. Keren is a luxury business insider, a corporate former C level herself, which meant she could truly empathize with my situation, and give super relevant – as in: realistic and actionable- feedback… Not only did she give me the clarity that I sought about the impact of my role currently and in shaping my and the company’s future, but she left me with a life-changing toolkit that I use daily to optimize my time, deconstruct overwhelm and simplify my approach to get even more done. Plus, I had oh so much fun!”

– Kristina Buckley Kayel, Van Cleef & Arpels

“World class coaching. Keren is capable of changing the mindset of teams and individuals to transform performance and engagement.”

– Hooman Yazhari, CEO, Waypoint

“Keren is an absolute dynamo. She has had a direct, meaningful impact on me and my business in a very short period of time (a few months). As a person that hears a lot of claims and hokum, this is the real deal. That said, to get the most out of the work with Keren, be prepared to go all-in, and do the work to earn this valuable reward. This is not a passive program, and not something you do while you’re on the treadmill. A value at twice the price, and truly a blessing in my life. Thank you Keren.”

– Larry Perkins, CEO / Founder, Sierra Constellation Partners, LLC

“Keren’s enthusiasm for boundless possibilities in life, work and relationships has helped me to thrive as a person over the past two years of working with her. She has taught me to refine my delegation and time management skills, and created space and accountability in reaching my goals. I can seek advice on about anything from my personal life to negotiating a contract and find a solution that resonates with my whole person. Overall, Keren has inspired me to focus on what matters and live my life with the most enthusiasm possible! I am grateful to have met her and look forward to advancing my self and career with her support.”

– Eva Yazhari, CEO, Beyond Capital Fund

Corner Office Superstar Coaching ®– The Program

Corner Office Superstar Coaching ® is the accelerated business coaching program of choice for high performing C-level executives and front-line managers nominated by your top firm for development, grooming and growth.

Corner Office Superstar Coaching Companies

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Program – Qualifications

  1. 1. Must be nominated by a top tier company/ firm in growth mode.
  2. 2. Is currently leading a company with $5M-$1B+ in annual revenue and rapid growth rates (+20%).
  3. 3. Must demonstrate the ability, desire, focus, and courage to function at a Superstar level. Individuals selected for this program must be ready, willing and able to lever up their own contribution, and be the chief learning officer for their organization.

Corner Office Superstar Coaching ™ offers you the opportunity to get a Performance Profile (include online assessments -DISC, TrimetrixHD) to help you evaluate your own / your team’s current state, and rate of adaptation, and to work one-on-one with Keren to uniquely and strategically build the most effective, customized and streamlined ways for you to hone in on what matters most, work less on what doesn’t, and live your best possible life. By walking you through the simple fundamental principles of success, we will transform areas of stagnation and conflict– for good.

6-Month Series Includes:

  • Custom Performance Profile (Assessments include: SCARF, TriMetrix)
  • 30 minute Intake Session: revealing what’s been holding you back, and mapping out our individual, customized coaching plan.
  • 14 full-hour, in-person private coaching sessions with Coach Keren
  • 10+ Video Modules, 20+ Audio Modules, & 20+ worksheets
  • Custom reading lists
  • Unlimited personal access to Coach Keren via email between sessions