Keren and Ryan 2018
As you head home for the holidays this week… a lot of you will be asked the question we all despise when we’re single by literally half your relatives. Come on, say it with me: “SO, ARE YOU SEEING ANYONE?” and of course, the advanced version: “SO, when are you getting married?” I heard this one on and off for about two decades. I feel you. There has always been a huge amount of pressure, especially on women, to get married… and to marry someone successful (“marry rich:” the advice of well-meaning raving lunatics who want the best for you and know not what they do). The first time I got married was a ginormous mistake and a DIRECT reaction to that sort of pressure – so take it from me, you must develop a thick skin here, smile and politely walk away from such questions. Once I learned how to do this, sure, I still got looks from people who felt sorry for me (“aw, you’ll meet someone!”) but I did not care. I started to notice how rare it was that anyone ever encouraged me to stand on my own two feet and to have dreams for myself. I saw in MYSELF the limited options my mother and grandmothers had and it fueled my fire to be the CEO of my own life instead of searching for a husband.
Eventually, I did meet Ryan – and he is best hubby EVER – but it was after I launched my coaching global brand and became the CEO of this company and of my life. 👊
I want you to empower everyone around you to know themselves and love themselves and live their dreams. I LOVE LOVE and believe with all my heart that we serve our soul when we merge with our soulmate (see: DATE WITH ENTHSUSIASM). But you gotta know and love you first. And that is way more important than when you get married. Love, Coach Keren #inspiration #love #loveyourself #relationshipstatus #thanksgiving

Keren Eldad

Keren Eldad is the founder of With Enthusiasm ™ coaching, a motivational speaker, a crisis counselor and an award winning marketing expert. She has appeared on TV, Radio, and Podcasts, and has been featured in numerous articles, including on Bravo, Cosmopolitan, and The Huffington Post, and is the author of the upcoming book: “All Your Problems Solved Forever.” Keren’s passion is to travel the globe helping people reach their highest potential, and sharing insights and support thinking that bucks any degree of anxiety, and slingshots the audience into lasting happiness and fulfillment.