​​Interested in having me speak at your next event? Good for you! I love speaking, and can’t wait to share the keys that have already helped me – and hundreds of men and women improve their finances, relationships, unleash their creativity, find their voice, flourish, and thrive.


Ten Steps To Getting Anything You Want

What are the keys to a mindset of success and happiness?

The specific answers, drawn from fascinating research, case studies and dozens of books, may surprise you. In this eye-opening session, you learn the basics of high performance coaching, and receive practical tools and exercises to develop your success in every realm. This content has been very popular even with skeptics because of the combination of personal and business application, and because it gives you a tangible takeaway to put into action right away.

During this 75-minute talk, workshop & Q&A, you will discover:

· 10 Paradigms for aligned living, to create massive impact
· How to take that First Step…towards anything you want
· The Secret to Making Decisions… fast
· My Favorite Writing Exercise for creating an action plan
· The ONE THING – that increases your productivity by 20% +

Master Your Mindset

Where do stress, friction, and disagreement actually come from? And most importantly – how can these be overcome?

In this stimulating interactive session, you’ll learn the truth about where stress comes from, and discover a powerful approach to taking apart personal and professional challenges fast. Specifically, in this session we look at the underlying beliefs keeping people from connecting more fully to each other and at your purpose, surfacing disagreement and friction in a non-threatening way. This goes far beyond trust falls and superficial team building tactics. It’s a shortcut to greater wisdom and real change for those determined to perform at a (much) higher level.

During this 75-minute talk, workshop & Q&A, you will discover:

· Where Does Stress REALLY Come From and what can you do about it?
· How Can You Receive Criticism and not to take it personally ever again?
· The Quick Internal Exercise to overcome STRESS (and all reactive behavior)
· Who Moved Your Cheese? How to turn your specific current challenge into an opportunity

Seven Steps to Soulmate

According to the last US Census Bureau, 45% of the adult population is single. And guess what? They are not happy about it.

Technology has changed the way we experience love, intimacy and connection. We text instead of talk, Skype instead of meet face-to-face, use emoticons instead of actually articulating our feelings, and use dating apps to meet. This has a huge impact on our social life, but it also has deep ramifications to our overall happiness.

This session lights a fire under even the most successful dating superstar’s derriere - exposing the tried and true secrets to getting back into real and lasting love.

During this 75-minute talk, workshop & Q&A, you will discover:

• What a soulmate IS
• 7 Steps towards bringing forth the relationship you have always wanted
• How to Empower Your Mindset to positively affect your love life
• The Paradox of Choice –how apps like Tinder and Bumble affect our dating lives, and what to do about it
• The #1 Step to getting you closer to the love you want TODAY 


"Keren's HOW TO talk for CORE's superstar real estate agents was one of the best events at the agency...the energy was incredible! She's infectious." - Doug Heddings, Vice President, Sales, CORE realty NYC

“Thank you so much! The sales team loved you, and it helped them bring important subjects to the table and find solutions which is exactly what we wanted.” – Julia Tadion, Executive Program Manager – IWC Schaffhausen

“We cannot wait to have you back. Let’s book the next one…two…three talks IMMEDIATELY!” – Amanda Johnson, Director of Programming - Thompson House Group


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