​​Interested in having Keren speak at your next event? Good for you! By enlisting her for your Special Event, you'll be part of a global tribe. Keren can’t wait to share the keys that have already helped me – and hundreds of men and women improve their finances, relationships, unleash their creativity, find their voice, flourish, and thrive.

Book Keren to:

  • Stir your power and innate leadership
  • Understand and embody the psychology of success
  • Elevate your / your team’s productivity
  • Create the life and impact you’ve always wanted

"Keren is a very dynamic person. She has done a tremendous job motivating and helping to transform my team at the agency (Havas Worldwide). Her dedication is relentless and she did deliver results beyond expectations. " - Thomas Serrano, President and Founder, Havas Events North America

“Keren presented her “10 Superstar Principles to Elevate Success” in such a succinct, dynamic and impactful way that I still have agents commenting on how it has helped them with their daily lives both personally and professionally." - Doug Heddings, Executive Vice President ‑ CORE

Popular Talks & Workshops

10  Steps to Getting Anything You Want

During this 45-minute talk, followed by a Q&A, you will discover:

· 10 Paradigms for Powerful, Aligned Living, to create the impact you’ve always wanted

· My Favorite Exercise for Creating an Action Plan

· The Key to Being 20% more Productive every day

· How to Add More Value at Work than ever before

Managing Your Mindset And Winning Life

During this 45-minute talk, followed by a Q&A, you will discover:

· How to Get To The Beginners Mind – in order to create unprecedented opportunities

· That Nothing Is Personal  - and that what seems to happen to you is happening for you

· Understanding Lack vs. Love  - to change absolutely any outcome

· How to Overcome Self Doubt and Limiting Beliefs  - and start rocking your amazing life

· How to Deal With Delays, Setbacks, and Obstacles – and turn them into opportunities ​

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