Admit it. Luxury sure isn’t what it used to be. I blame the Kardashians.

Joking aside, the truth is that the decline has been going on for a long time. The industry keeps changing. Your TEAM keeps changing. At this point, luxury is faced with a shift from brick & mortar retail to e-commerce, a dip in sales around the globe, a talent retention “situation”, and an erosion of traditional luxury values has long been underway. Cries are being heard across the luxury and fashion markets. They need guidance, connection, support, empathy, and above all - inspiration.

That is why you need an Executive Coach. I step in to give the C-suite and the rest of the team a few life-changing pointers. This is your chance to gain access to my strategies, tools and tactics to help luxury organizations optimize their collective mindset, and reach their full potential.
Your greatest asset is not your product, and it is not your client database. It’s your people – and people require development, appreciation, and trust – so they can lead and collaborate effectively, and work with enthusiasm. This is not the norm in enterprises – but we can change it. If your aim is to build a high-performing team, we will start by inquiring where your industry’s growth opportunities are, and then walk you through the simple and thorough fundamental principles of success to transform areas of stagnation and conflict across your teams.

For me, this is personal. I have been a luxury marketer for the last 15+ years, and continue to consult on marketing strategy for luxury brands – from watch brands like IWC, to advertising agencies like Havas. I believe that luxury elevates the soul. It is the stuff of dreams. It is the symbol of success. With a solid strategy to get your teams to understand and reconnect with themselves and with their core audience, we know that luxury will rise again to its rightful place in our hearts.


Here’s what we will achieve:

  • INSPIRE ENGAGEMENT: Inspire your team, attract and retain talent, promote leadership and engagement. This works leaves you with players who apply extra discretionary effort to their work.
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Understand and embody the psychology of success / elevate your team’s productivity by 20%+ each day, each week, month and year using my signature exercises & templates.
  • IMPROVE SALES RESULTS: Achieve a less stressful corporate culture of resilience, encourage true collaboration, and manifest higher sales revenue. FAST.

Here’s how we will achieve it:

You will get 3 customized, hands-on team keynote talks + workshop sessions.
In addition, you will get a link and password for the full virtual Live With Enthusiasm ™ virtual coaching program to serve each/ any member of your team.
In tandem, you will also get dedicated, personal support.


1. It’s for HR, Training Teams and Learning & Development Program Directors

Struggling with the challenges of life in luxury? I feel you. Change is everywhere, morale is low, and you need a program to help your advisors re-engage and grow. I can help top HR advisors in 3 very specific and actionable ways:

  1. I teach you the most important things to focus on for employee engagement in the luxury industry…or ANY industry
  2. I also help you prioritize the most important things for team performance, drawing from a huge wealth of studies
  3. I empower you to make human relations HUMAN again. This includes covering team dynamics, prospecting issues, family conflict, and concerns about the industry or the firm. I do so using strategies and practical tools that (as I have said): promote engagement, enhance productivity, and drive growth.

 2. It’s for Sales, Marketing and Regional Leaders

 I can help sales and marketing teams, and regional leadership in three specific ways:

  1. First, I can get you to TALK TO EACH OTHER. No longer operating from a silo, I can help you safely pinpoint and resolve areas of friction that typically get swept under the carpet. This means that people will trust each other more, and you can develop a team climate of greater accountability, heartfelt cooperation, and trust.
  2. Secondly, I’ll teach you the keys to focus and discipline that lead to higher levels of productivity than ever before.
  3. Third, I can help you lead change at scale by tapping into the keys to engagement: purpose, and passion.


3. It’s for the C-Suite

Over the past 4.5 years, I have served as a business coach or in a related function for 14 companies. Each time, the key to the success or failure of the organization came down to one thing:  the people at the top. 

Having a big job doesn’t make someone almighty. In fact, it makes it more likely that these blind spots remain overlooked as more people say yes to you instead of being honest. If you’re interested in finding areas where you can continue to grow and leave a legacy of greater insight and clarity, the process I teach makes this growth measurable, practical, and enjoyable.

I can help C-level leadership in three specific ways:

  1. Coaching produces a massive personal shift in perspective, self-control, self-reliance, self-awareness, empathy, appreciation and trust in the individual.
  2. Coaching teaches true confidence (enhancing leadership and decision-making ability), and cultivates resilience – the secret to success.
  3. The real benefit comes from spreading the work over full teams, and over time as part of a committed effort to build something bigger and more rewarding than any individual contributor can effect. Thus, the third effect is instilling team change THROUGH the mindset transformation of the leader.


4. It’s for Rookies and Veterans.

Empowering people to experience your mission when they are going through on-boarding, or checking into an annual meeting that dives into company-wide goals and regular events that encourage bonding between team members, I am serious about ensuring that all employees—rookies and veterans alike—are on the same page. In fact, one of my core values is reaching success together, not as individuals. Another thing I am passionate about? The power of curiosity and experimentation. With my talks, you get to empower your employees to tackle new challenges and even make mistakes, with the support and guidance of Coach Keren behind them.

Goals we will achieve in this forum are:

  • To stir your employees’ power and innate leadership
  • To understand and embody the psychology of success
  • To elevate your team’s productivity
  • To create the life and impact your company wants



I help teams get the aforementioned results in a practical, fun way with a combination of live and virtual training. How it works:

Step 1 - We meet and identify your team’s unique goals, current challenges, & needs  - and set goals.

Typically, a program for a TEAM includes:

  •  3 Keynote talk sessions. Each session is typically 75 minutes long.
  •  Those who see value in the introductory content can then opt-in to the 7 week online program.
  •  Talks can also be spaced and timed for the beginning, middle and end of the online program.

Step 2 – Once we have defined your needs, we’ll customize the talks + program for you.

Talks overview:

Ten Steps To Getting Anything You Want


What are the keys to a mindset of success and happiness?

The specific answers, drawn from fascinating research, case studies and dozens of books, may surprise you. In this eye-opening session, you learn the basics of high performance coaching, and receive practical tools and exercises to develop your success in every realm. This content has been very popular even with skeptics because of the combination of personal and business application, and because it gives you a tangible takeaway to put into action right away.

During this 75-minute talk, workshop & Q&A, your team will discover:

· My 10 Coaching Paradigms for aligned living, and how to use them to create the impact you have always wanted

· The Secret to Making Good Decisions… fast

· How to Add More Value at Work than ever before

· My Favorite Writing Exercise for creating an action plan

· The ONE THING – that increases your productivity by 20% +

Master Your Mindset

How do you make a bad team good, or a good team better? What is keeping your people from connecting to each other? Where does stress, the friction, the disagreement actually come from? And most importantly – how can these be overcome.

In this stimulating interactive session, you’ll learn the truth about where stress comes from, and discover a powerful approach to taking apart personal and professional challenges fast. Specifically, in this session we look at the underlying beliefs keeping people from connecting more fully to each other and your team’s purpose, surfacing disagreement and friction in a non-threatening way. This goes far beyond trust falls and superficial team building. It’s a shortcut to greater wisdom and real change for those determined to perform at a (much) higher level.

During this 75-minute talk, workshop & Q&A, your team will discover:

· How to Identify and Shift the #1 Barrier that’s held you back from the success you KNOW you can have

· What’s Servant Leadership and how will its premise sky-rocket your success

· How to Deliver Criticism and not to take anything personally again

· The 4 Step internal process to overcome STRESS (and all reactive behavior)

Make Luxury Great Again (*)

All coaching works similarly: the process is goal-driven, and is designed to tap into your full potential, identify what’s been holding you back thus far, get you to see it, get it out of your way, and hold you accountable and in full support with the right tools and strategies until you GET THERE. In this vein, I’ve come up with five fundamental shifts that that will help any flailing luxury brand (and its team – from Sales to HR) bounce back right away.


During this 75-minute talk, workshop & Q&A, your team will discover:

· Working with the Luxury folks: the good, the bad, and the ugly

· Who “Moved Your Cheese”... and how you will turn the “challenges” into a massive breakthrough

· The secret to being a Lovable Elitist - and say no/ be exclusive with grace and powerful effect

· Working with Millennials – new values, new rules, new outcomes

Step 3 – Once your team has completed at least one talk session, we give them access to virtual coaching to help integrate this process into all daily interactions. How this works: members of your team (as needed) receive a full, downloadable version of our virtual 7-week online high-performance coaching program, Live With Enthusiasm ™. For the duration of this process, I am on hand for support, check-ins and accountability.


Most of my time is spent delivering programs to large audiences so I can make an impact on dozens of people at a time. However, I do offer 1:1 personal coaching for the C-Suite (availability is very limited). My coaching focus here is on the mindset that drives or derails high performance, time management, and executive presence.

Typically, a 1:1 program for a C-Level Executive includes:

  •  An assessment: What is DRIVING the C- level executive? Is it certainty? Is it status/ significance? I have found the SCARF assessment– by the Neuro Leadership institute - to be very helpful when I am working with Clients 1:1. Their results explain how they maneuver interactions with people around them. This is critically important, in order to understanding how to serve THEM with the optimal ways through which they can overcome their individual blindspots and challenges, and re-organize their environment to experience more rewards and less threats.
  •  We also evaluate the measurable: EIQ, using this thorough standard assessment at the beginning of the process. Emotional intelligence describes the ability to understand one’s own feelings. It also provides great insight on how emotion influences motivation and behavior. With my focus on Emotional Intelligence, I have created a specific add-on workshop through which your C-level executive will gain a better understanding of self-management and self-awareness. This in turn will give them better insight and control over their actions and emotions. With a greater understanding of emotions, they will experience a positive - and measurable - impact on their professional and personal lives. 
  •  Reading: I ask everyone going through personal coaching to read multiple books during our time together. 
  •  Ten 1:1 in-person coaching sessions. Each session is typically 60 minutes long, and can be held in office or via Skype.
  •  All access to the full 7-week online program (Live With Enthusiasm ™), including bonus materials designed specifically for leaders.

Important Disclaimer: coaching produces a massive personal shift in perspective, self-control, self-reliance, self-awareness, and trust in the individual. But the real benefit comes from spreading the work over full teams, and over time as part of a committed effort to build something bigger and more rewarding than any individual contributor can effect. Therefore, I suggest a combination of Collective & Corner Office Coaching, and have set pricing accordingly, to make building the ideal program for your company as easy as possible.


"Keren's HOW TO talk for CORE's superstar real estate agents was one of the best events at the agency...the energy was incredible! She's infectious." - Doug Heddings, Vice President, Sales, CORE realty NYC

“Thank you so much! The sales team loved you, and it helped them bring important subjects to the table and find solutions which is exactly what we wanted.” – Julia Tadion, Executive Program Manager – IWC Schaffhausen



When you’re planning a conference, client event, or leadership offsite, or you are seeking executive coaching for your C-Suite, I know that you have many options. Let me share 5 key things that set my work apart:

Ever wanted to win a Webby? Or an Effie? Or an ADC award? Been there, got the T-shirt.

I know you. I know your business so, so well. A 17 – year veteran of the luxury biz – I get you, and I know that you are ALL so tired of talking about the market, and the economy, and how digital is ruining everything.

That’s why I am qualified to tackle the industry itself, and the challenges you are facing, head-on. First of all, I show you the truth – which is not only that things are not so bad, but that – as a matter of fact – they are very, very good.  My coaching focuses on the principles for living a happy, balanced life and building a high-performing team – regardless of circumstance. It’s engaging and personal, but also directly applicable to the real challenges of luxury.

[*]       MY SYSTEM WORKS.

Over 4.5 years, I have coached 14 companies. Dozens of people are already taking, or have taken my online programs for personal transformation. My talks have already been attended by hundreds of people, resulting in positive reviews, and inspirational success stories.

Additionally, the content is evergreen. Ten years from now, today’s presentations on how e-commerce is taking over retail will be old news -- but how to live a stress free, happy and high-performing team will be just as relevant.

[*]       I’M FUNNY.

Look me up: I’m more fun than a cat video. My brand of humor is a bit more “Frasier” than anything else (see above: “lovable elitism”, making me palatable and familiar for corporate settings, but no matter your humor - I keep people fully engaged even while they’re faced with serious issues.

[*]       I’M A TRUE DENIZEN.

Have you ever heard the term: “Third Culture Kid” (TCK)? TCK is a term used to refer to children raised in a culture other than that of the country given on their passport. I am a diplomat’s daughter, and as such – I did grow up in other countries outside of my native homeland, Israel. MANY other countries. As a result, not only do I speak five languages, but no matter your nationality, I bet I’ve cheered for your soccer players and Eurovision contestants, and I bet I can relate to you. Above all, it is this particular affinity that has had me understand, from a very young age – that we are all much more alike than we are unalike.


Like I said, I’m on a personal mission here. I am serving a higher purpose. Having served in the Israeli army, I come with zero diva tendencies, but the attitude of service goes beyond that. I believe in service as a way of life, and I come in to focus on adding value and making things better and easier for everyone, including you.

You can read more about my work and check out my personal coaching programs on


The fees below are not just for talks, or sessions. I bundle an assessment, books and virtual coaching into each program. In my personal observation, a major weakness of most other keynotes is that the effect is fleeting. With an assessment, a book, and a virtual program that lasts 7 weeks, people can personally benefit – and can continue breaking through challenges long after the event is over. The added value approach makes a real difference. You’ll see.

  • Collective Coaching: $19,500 and Up

For Corner Office Coaching, please contact

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