When you’re seeking personal or executive coaching, I know that you have many options. Let me share 5 key things that set my work apart:


Ever wanted to win a Webby? Or an Effie? Or an ADC award? Been there, got the T-shirt. I know you. Like you, I'm also a bit of an over-achiever. I also hold a Masters degree from The London School of Economics, and even went and got extra business chops at Columbia Business School. My writing has been published in over 20 global publications, including ELLE and Woman’s Day. In addition to With Enthusiasm ™ Coaching, I own Digiluxe Marketing - a marketing consultancy, and I am a partner in The Supper Club.

That’s why I am qualified to help you tackle the challenges you are facing, head-on. My coaching focuses on the principles for living a happy, balanced life and building a high-performing team – regardless of circumstance. It’s engaging and personal, but also directly applicable to the real challenges of business.

[*]       MY SYSTEM WORKS.

Over the past 5 years, I have coached 14 companies. Dozens of people are already taking, or have taken my online programs for personal transformation. My talks have already been attended by hundreds of people, resulting in positive reviews, and inspirational success stories.

Additionally, my program contents are evergreen. Once you learn how to reach your goals EVERY TIME, and how to live stress free and with enthusiasm - it's for life. 

[*]       I’M FUNNY.

Look me up: I’m more fun than a cat video. My brand of humor is a bit more “Frasier” than anything else (I call it: “lovable elitism”), making me palatable and familiar for corporate settings, but no matter your humor - I keep people fully engaged even while they’re faced with serious issues.

[*]       I’M A TRUE DENIZEN.

Have you ever heard the term: “Third Culture Kid” (TCK)? TCK is a term used to refer to children raised in a culture other than that of the country given on their passport. I am a diplomat’s daughter, and as such – I did grow up in other countries outside of my native homeland, Israel. MANY other countries. As a result, not only do I speak five languages, but no matter your nationality, I bet I’ve cheered for your soccer players and Eurovision contestants, and I bet I can relate to you. Above all, it is this particular affinity that has had me understand, from a very young age – that we are all much more alike than we are unalike.


Like I said, I’m on a personal mission here. I am serving a higher purpose. Having served in the Israeli army, I come with zero diva tendencies. I believe in service as a way of life, and come in to focus on adding value and making things better and easier for everyone, including you.

Thanks again for stopping by. 



The divorce was just the tip of the iceberg. With it, I changed up my career, too. After a series of high level but unsatisfying corporate executive positions, I felt the same way about work that I had felt about my failed marriage and his precedents, a series of unsatisfying boyfriends."Meh."

So here’s what I did: I hired one coach. Then another, and then another. I read—scratch that; I DEVOURED more than 200 books in the self-help and personal development genre.  I discovered, through this what I REALLY, truly want. Then, I went out and got it. 

Now, I am bringing this brazen, compassionate and exciting ability to YOU.

With Enthusiasm ™ personal coaching programs were created to coach, counsel, and support you, and to hold you accountable as you create everything you have ever wanted.  We are going to jump start your dream businesses, find your true loves and above all – help you realize that this world is our one chance to get out there, and go get it.


Welcome Video

Hi! I’m Keren.

I’m the founder of With Enthusiasm Coaching, a WCI-Certified Coach - (CPC: Certified Personal Coach, and CEC: Certified Executive Coach; ICF certification pending), motivational speaker, and award-winning luxury marketing expert - and I am on a MISSION. That mission is to help you transform your life.

Building on my background as an entrepreneur and a marketer, I work with clients to anchor their journey to enthusiastic (super-charged) living with a signature 3-staged approach. 

I know I can do this, because by now - dozens have gone through my programs, and because I myself am living proof that coaching works. In 2012, my life came to a crashing collapse when I got divorced. The "collapse" part came less as the result of the divorce itself, and more as the result of realizing that I had made such poor, out of touch with my “true-self” choices - that my crash had been inevitable. Long story short, I turned that ship right around. 

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